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United States of America

California ~ Dwayne Dyer                 [email protected]
Florida ~ Cheryl & Ray Herron        [email protected]
Michigan ~ Cheryl & Ray Herron   [email protected]
Utah ~ Dwayne Dyer                            [email protected]


New South Wales
Suburban Sydney
~ Samai Wilaisut           [email protected]

Inner Suburban Sydney
~ Darren Hill                  [email protected]
Outer Suburban Sydney
~ Craig Robertson      [email protected]

Inner and North Western Melbourne Suburbs, Essendon Based
~ Robyn McVeigh       [email protected]
Inner and Western Melbourne Suburbs, Altona Based
~ Franca Zannoni        [email protected]
Inner South Eastern Melbourne Suburbs, Clarinda Based
~ Peter Wells               [email protected]
Outer South Eastern Melbourne Suburbs, Narre Warren Based
~ Emima Roman          [email protected]
City of Greater Geelong and Surf Coast Regions
~ Carolyn Rankin     [email protected]
Goldfields Region Victoria, ballarat Based
~ Melita Gill                    [email protected]
Western District Victoria, Colac Based
~ Carol Smit                   [email protected]
Mornington & Western Port Region, Victoria
~ Peter Butts                  [email protected]

New Zealand

North Island
~ CJ Milburn                  [email protected]
South Island
~ Elaine Elliott                 [email protected]

Mangosteen Network actively looking for distributors in the following countries.

If you are interested please send an emai to Robyn McVeigh.


Great Britain





South Africa

United Kingdom