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Have you lost contact with your XanGo juice in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK or the USA?

Xango juice, now from Isagenix International. For all XanGo or Zija products in USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, or Spain you need to buy through an approved Isagenix website.

Contact Damian McVeigh  through this  email:

Isagenix Independent associate approved website for Mangosteen Wonder.

No matter where you live in this World of ours is a secure website link that will allow you to get the XanGo product you want. Be sure to select the correct country flag for your purchase, look for your flag after the Sign Up and Save tab is entered..

The Mangosteen Wonder network of Isagenix associates has native speaking Spanish representatives that you will be forwarded to at your request. Building an international business with Isagenix through today’s modern means of communication … is there for you to today.

Your Guarantee: 30 days, money back guarantee on all purchases from an approved  Isagenix website. For more details see below.

Isagenix's guarantee of quality and wellness.
Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

Delivery of XanGo products by Isagenix International to any of the 26 countries where Isagenix International products are sold can be arranged through the following  certified website link.

For the United States – Purchase NOW at a secure and certified website. Click the shopping cart image below.

Xango juice sales cart. Isagenix independent associate.

For links to network marketing with XanGo view look under the Zija Nation tab.

Do you live in Melbourne Victoria and are you looking to buy Xango mangosteen juice?

The map below will assist you to find us for your purchase.

Only 😉 if you are living in Australia or visiting from overseas. ????

Isagenix International Return Policy


  1. All Customers and/or Distributors have a thirty (30) day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on up to 250 PV of their initial order. The initial order is defined as the first order of product(s) made on the account. The Company will refund 100 percent of the purchase price (less shipping costs) on up to 250 PV of any initial product order. All unused product(s) must be returned by a traceable means of delivery to the Company. The Customer and/or Distributor is responsible for shipping charges to return the product(s). Zija will refund a maximum of 90 percent of the purchase price (less shipping costs) of any Initial Order in excess of 250 PV. Product returned in excess of 250 PV must be unopened, resalable and follow the Return Policy and Procedure. To initiate the refund process, Customers and/or Distributors must call the Customer Service Department within thirty (30) days of placing their initial order and request a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. All unused product(s) must be returned by a traceable means of delivery to the Company within fourteen (14) days after contacting Customer Service. Upon receipt, the return will be noted and a refund will be issued within thirty (30) days. Any second order, made after the initial order, follows all rules applying to the Return Policy.Cooling Off Period: The cooling off period shall begin the day that the Customer and/or Distributor makes their initial product order. The Customer and/or Distributor will have three (3) business days to call the Company Customer Service Department at (888)-924-6872 and cancel the order for a full 100 percent refund plus shipping charges. The Policies & Procedures three (3) business days will be defined as the office hours of the Customer Service Department.