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XanGo Juice a Whole Fruit Puree of Mangosteen

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1. the original mangosteen beverage
2. simple, 30 day money-back guarantee and no product return requested*
3. take 30 to 90 mLs a day (1 bottle may last 7-25 days per person)
4. sweet, crisp and delicious flavor
5. the only whole-fruit formula
6. extensive quality control during formulation
7. safe for all ages

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XanGo Mangosteen Juice
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FAQs Xango Juice and mangosteen

1. 19 Answers to frequently asked questions on Xango
2.  How much mangosteen juice should you drink?

Why People Drink Xango Mangosteen Juice


Why is mangosteen so good for you?

Mangosteen contains 72 known xanthones as at February 2020.
Xanthones are a forgotten nutrient class, capable of unbelievable benefits, no longer found in anything else we might eat or drink.

Benefits of XanGoMangosteen Juice Review of Xango Juice Side effects of mangosteen
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Not only does mangosteen contain xanthones but it contains other plant nutrients (phytonutrients) such as catechins like those in green tea, polysaccharides like aloe vera and wolfberry in addition to proanthocyanidins similar to those in all red berries.

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The Possible Benefits of Mangosteen

• may maintains intestinal health*
• may support your immune system*
• neutralizes free radicals*
• may provide support to cartilage and joint function*
• may promote a healthy seasonal respiratory system*
• may support your cardiovascular health*
• may promote a healthy metabolism*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How can you buy a case of XanGo juice (4 bottles)?


You can click on any of the images for a sales page and a secure (https://) sales page.

The early research on the whole mangosteen fruit and its numerous nutritional components is both promising and precise. Feel like digging in? Here’s a snapshot—just a small sample—of the studies that back the impressive edge of whole mangosteen formulation and supplementation.

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  1. Richard Strand

    Where can I purchase your products in Southern California near zip code 92223?

    1. Robyn McVeigh

      Xango is sold in 32 countries worldwide. To purchase go to http://thefruitforlife.com and select your country.

      In the USA select preferred customer during the sale and get Xango juice at wholesale price.

  2. Something to just let everyone know on the consumption is that you should only be consuming between 3-6 oz. of Xango Juice per day. Over consumption of xanthones actually DECREASES EFFICIENCY for your overall health. Just wanted to let all the readers know!

    1. Robyn McVeigh

      Hello Anthony, I agree there is a maximum amount of mangosteen juice that can be ingested at any one time. I had always thought it was 300 mLs not 180 mLs but I can’t find a reference. However because mangosteen has a half life of 4 hours another ingestion of mangosteen will be of value after 4 hours. The article on bioavailability from J Agric Food Chem. 2009 Oct 14;57(19):8788-92 of which an abstract is available from the Mangosteen reference tab at this blog, suggests maximum antioxidant activity is achieved in the body at 4 hours. However this study is not on pure mangosteen juice.
      It may be possible that with 6 periods of 4 hours in a day the maximum amount of mangosteen that is efficient is 6 times 180 mLs (6 oz) or 6 times 300 mLs for 1.08 L or 1.8 L in a 24 hour period.
      However, I am not aware of this type of study on absorption, bioavailability and antioxidant activity being performed yet. Please send along your reference for 180 mLs and I will post it.

  3. Geoff

    Hello Robyn

    What do I have to do to get Xango juice delivered? Can it be shipped to my work address?


    1. Hi there Geoff,
      There is a video on YouTube that explains how to buy Xango juice online. This is the link https://goo.gl/2HLu35 You can use this to buy juice anywhere that a market is opened.
      If you live in the USA a new website is in use for California and ships anywhere in USA from
      Hope this helps,

  4. Christine Simm

    I would like to buy some Xango juice monthly in California. Can I purchase from you? If so how do I do?
    Thank you for any assistance you can give.

    1. Hi Christine, yes you can purchase from me. If you live anywhere in USA I am able to offer sales and support.
      Just follow this link to the Sales page. https://goo.gl/fqtozB
      I trust this assists you.

  5. Kofi Ofori Addo

    Want to know if the mangosteen has any side effect.

    1. Hello Kofi, there are no known side effects attributed to mangosteen, it is a fruit. Fruit in general may have side effects, so those by inference, it can be assumed will occur at sometime or somehow. The other side of this question is “What are the benefits of mangosteen?” Here I refer you to this link for some reading https://goo.gl/Y9cv65 There are also toxicity studies on Xango’s mangosteen juice published back in around 2002-2003. Xango juice had no identifiable upper toxic limit. If you want me to find the article please let me know.
      Warm regards, Robyn

  6. Wes

    How long would a bottle of Xango remain healthy to drink if it was left in the original box in a garage? Is there any chance it could be healthy after sitting for 10 years?

    1. Hi there Wes,
      I would NOT drink any product left in the garage for 10 years.
      Your Xango juice is probably 8 years past expiry and unsafe to drink.
      Until the 20th of September 2020 there is a 10% discount on new orders as well as 25% discount if you buy as a preferred customer.
      Let me know if you are in USA, Canada or Australia, I will send you the appropriate link.
      Damian McVeigh

  7. Katherine A Hall

    Are other xango products available in the USA? I’m looking for Eleviv or a pr oduct with similar benefits? Thank-you, Katherine

    1. Hi Katherine,
      There will soon be aan Isagenix alternative to Eleviv. Would you like me to contact you about this product?
      Regards, Damian

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