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Zija International Buys XanGo LLC

In May of 2017, Zija International acquired XanGo LLC in what was shattering news for many XanGo distributors like myself.

XanGo Juice a Nutritional Intervention

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Life goes on and XanGo juice and the best of XanGo’s products are still offered for sale through Zija International and Zija Independent distributors.

If you are searching for information about the company and the business you may like to read what I have to say on the matter.

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Are you looking for a way to pay those back to school costs?  Do you need some extra income to pay off the mortgage or the car loan?  Would you like to save some money for a special family holiday?  My answer was ‘Yes’ to all of these questions at various points in my life.   What I found quite by accident was a great person who helped me get started in network marketing.

I needed someone who would get on a phone call with me and teach me how to talk with people.  Over time I picked up the skills to do the calls myself and then I found I was on the call showing other people how to recommend the products and the business to their contacts.

Yes, you also need a good reliable company that won’t fold or start selling their products on the supermarket shelves.
p.s XanGo LLC folded in May, 2017 Doohh!

“No matter how good the favourite is … it can still break a leg.” ~ Anon

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Now For All That Company Information

Opened in 2002, XANGO, LLC, the brainchild of Joe Morton and his five partners who had the idea to bottle the mangosteen fruit and bring the goodness contained within to the whole world.

As of 2012, XanGo LLC were opened in 43 countries with plans to continue the expansion.  Mid 2012 XanGo LLC allowed for an opening up of retail sales in China through their Hong Kong office.

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How to find a Zija XanGo mangosteen juice distributor

Countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan have traditions incorporating mangosteen into their daily lives.  Speak to someone you know from any of these countries and you will find a grandmother somewhere who gave out terrible tasting brewed mangosteen skin like our grandparents spooned out castor oil.

Joe Morton his partners and Wild Flavors International have brought to market a mangosteen juice with world wide appeal in taste.  Once tasted everyone and anyone recommends XanGo’s mangosteen juice over grandma’s brewed mangosteen tea.  People all around the world are drinking XanGo juice as people “Feel The Difference” it makes to them for there is something truly unique about mangosteen fruit.

XanGo LLC was the first company to create and give the world this magnificent fruit in a bottle.  The power of the mangosteen, Garcinia mangostana, lies hidden in the skin or pericarp of the fruit.  XanGo purees the entire fruit and has brought to the world market a new “food in a bottle”.

XanGo now the leading mangosteen based, wellness product company in the world – it should be as it created XanGo juice.

XanGo Juice

XANGO® Juice is what started an industry and a network marketing phenomenon.  For 7 years XanGo LLC confounded critics by concentrating on only one product, XanGo juice.

What critics didn’t realize that the fruit was so powerful that it would sell itself through word of mouth marketing?

The 6 founders realised that the most effective way to bring the powerful health benefits of the mangosteen to the world was as a puree of the whole mangosteen fruit and bottling it up.

Zija XanGo Mangosteen Juice
XanGo Juice NOW Via Zija International

Network Marketing Business

There are more ways than one to bring a product to market.  Brothers and founders Joe and Gordon Morton decided to market the juice through direct sales.  Today, XanGo stands as an example of direct sales done the right way with belief and commitment to basic principles.

XANGO Juice is sold through direct sales, as it is so mouth wateringly delicious to drink and a pleasure to recommend to anyone.

XanGo LLC, a member of the Direct Selling Association that abides by a direct code of ethics and also signatory to the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, one of the first few companies to do so.

Glimpse and Juni natural skin care products by XanGo ware ground breaking in that these products were 100% free of hazardous chemicals.

In 2012, XanGo is more than a juice company it is the mangosteen wellness company for the world, now with a complete and varied range of products.

The company cultivates innovative, world-class products and also provided for its business distributors again with an innovative, groundbreaking compensation plan.  Other direct sales companies have adopted XanGo’s income ideas, since 2002, and it retains the position as the vanguard network marketing business opportunity.

XanGo independent distributors have unparalleled possibilities for business growth. XanGo where it is “Safe To Dream Again”, where people start making an income from there first recommendation, where someone who has recently joined can be bigger than the distributors before them.

Why Network Marketing?

Network marketing benefits action by those people recommending XanGo products, locally.

Network marketing is the action of bringing an exciting product directly to the people who need it—and faster than any other marketing method. Mangosteen juice and network marketing a story being told to those who need its benefits. Network marketing, the action of an ordinary individual building a personally owned, independent business with no risk to personal capital.  Network marketing the simplest form of marketing: the action of person-to-person recommendations that benefits everyone involved.

The business model provides a remarkable opportunity for people with varied talents to use those talents to earn additional income that is either part-time to full-time pay.

Briefly and simply put distributors earn income from XanGo products in 4 ways:

  1. Retail recommendations and sales to customers.
  2. Weekly commissions from new personally sponsored distributors who purchase within 30 days of enrolment.
  3. Monthly commissions from ongoing purchases made by distributors in their downline.
  4. Global Bonus payments to Premier Distributors and above.
Xango Customer for Wholesale Price

Zija International’s Repeat Customer Customer (ROC) program allows anyone wanting to try Xango mangosteen juice to purchase at wholesale prices.  This Zija International program also enables distributors the opportunity to earn 15% to 25% commission from these ROC sales.

What 53 countries is Zija XanGo mangosteen juice available in? Yes, I know the list below only contains 39 flags, I’m in the throes of adding the missing countries.

Click the image below to view a country link and explore the marketplace as not all countries with Zija products have Xango juice. Just change the flag of the link and the country, products and language will change with you.

XanGo LLC –  2003 to 2017 Now Part of History
  • $1+ billion in Xango mangosteen juice sold with just one product for its first first 6+ years of operation
  • $2+ billion in sales overall
  • Open in 43 markets, with 27 offices and 49 distribution centers worldwide
  • 119 households / distributors have earned at least $1 million in XANGO compensation (approximately 1 per month), and 32 have earned multiple millions
  • Fastest network marketing company to reach $100 million/year in sales
  • Fastest network-marketing company to reach $250 million/year in sales
  • On track to beat record of fastest company to $1 billion/year (current record is 17 years)
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