Xango Juice Update for Isagenix International

Where you can buy the original Xango juice?

Original Xango juice may be purchased through our website, Mangosteen Wonder.

We are Independent Isagenix associates still selling Xango.

Our sales links forwards to a genuine Isagenix independent associate sales website.

In February 2020 Isagenix International acquired Zija International and by July 2020 had as smoothly as possible moved all business across to their sales platform.

Sales LINK to an Isagenix Independent Associate NOW!

If you don’t want to read the information below but just click on the sales cart image below. Remember to choose the head and shoulder icon and you will be taken to a country selector. After that for 25% discount as an Isagenix preferred customer choose the “Sign Up and Save” tab NOT the retail tab, unless that is what you want.

Xango juice sales cart. Isagenis independent associate.

XanGo what is it?

Xango is the original name of the company that patented the whole fruit fruit of mangosteen and called their product, Xango juice.

XanGo Juice what is it?

XANGO® Juice is what started an industry and a network marketing phenomenon. For the first 7 years XanGo LLC confounded critics by concentrating on only one product, XanGo juice, a whole fruit puree of mangosteen.

What critics didn’t realize that the fruit was so powerful that it would sell itself through word of mouth marketing?

The 6 founders realised that the most effective way to bring the powerful health benefits of the mangosteen to the world was as a puree of the whole mangosteen fruit and bottling it up.

Xango Reserve what is it?

Xango® Reserve offers a refined mangosteen experience delivering more mangosteen content and an incredibly smooth, rich and complex flavor. Higher mangosteen concentration naturally offers a great amount of phytonutrients. Supported by the same science as XANGO Juice, Reserve is ideal for special occasions and celebrations where it’s sure to impress.

Xango Reserve juice is also available through Isagenix.

Is XanGo Juice a Nutritional Intervention?

Life goes on and XanGo juice and the best of XanGo’s products are still offered for sale through Isagenix International and Isagenix Independent Associates.

Are you looking to use Xango juice as a nutritional boost in your daily food consumption?

Please go to the Mangosteen Wonder channel on YouTube. Once there look for the video titled “Xango Mangosteen Juice Natural Supplement And Nutritional Intervention“.

If you are searching for information about the company and the business you may like to read what I have to say on the matter.

Please read the income and claims disclaimers at the top of the page.

Did Zija International Buy XanGo LLC in 2017?

Yes, in May of 2017, Zija International acquired XanGo LLC in what was shattering news for many XanGo distributors like myself.


How many countries does Isagenix have open markets?

Isagenix has 26 countries with open markets. Many products not available through the LOCAL sales tab are available through the NFR tab or ‘Not For Retail’ sales tab.

Announced in 2020 there are currently 26 markets.

Click the image below to view a country link and explore the marketplace as not all countries with Isagenix products have Xango juice.

Choose the globe in the top right hand corner. Select your country and language.

Depending on where you are on the website, you may need to just change the flag of the country, products and language will change with you.

Isagenix International Markets. 26 Countries.
Isagenix International Markets
Do you have aspirations and dreams for yourself and your family?

Are you looking for a way to pay those back to school costs? Do you need some extra income to pay off the mortgage or the car loan? Would you like to save some money for a special family holiday? My answer was ‘Yes’ to all of these questions at various points in my life. What I found quite by accident was a great person who helped me get started in network marketing.

I needed someone who would get on a phone call with me and teach me how to talk with people. Over time I picked up the skills to do the calls myself and then I found I was on the call showing other people how to recommend the products and the business to their contacts.

Yes, you also need a good reliable company that won’t fold or start selling their products on the supermarket shelves.
p.s XanGo LLC folded in May, 2017 ….. Doohh!

“No matter how good the favourite is … it can still break a leg.” ~ Anon

Follow this link for more details about XanGo’s mangosteen juice.

Network Marketing and XanGo | Work from Home Australia
Isagenix Products

Then email me now and ask how to get started and how we will work together.

Now For All That Company Information

Isagenix was founded by John Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover in 2002. Anderson had previously worked in the nutritional supplement industry and Jim and Kathy Coover had experience in the multi-level marketing industry. Jim Coover is chairman and Kathy Coover is the company’s executive vice president.

On Xango juice’s history; opened in 2002, XANGO, LLC, the brainchild of Joe Morton and his five partners who had the idea to bottle the mangosteen fruit and bring the goodness contained within to the whole world.

As of 2012, XanGo LLC were opened in 43 countries with plans to continue the expansion. Mid 2012 XanGo LLC allowed for an opening up of retail sales in China through their Hong Kong office.

Is Mangosteen Wonder on YouTube?

We’ve had some videos on YouTube for a few years. Some … perhaps all of our first attempts were amateurish and not quite right. However we had to give it a go and improve as we progressed.

Leave a comment on our channel if you think we’ve improved over the journey.

Where can I find Xango juice?
Look for an Isagenix Independent Associate for XanGo mangosteen juice?

All Isagenix independent associates can now sell Xango products as well as Zija products. Just click on the head and shoulders icon on the top right, then use the country selector for your country and language.

Generally, you can find an associate on your Internet browser with a search for any of these common search terms:

  • xango rep near me
  • buy xango juice
  • xango official website
  • find a xango distributor

However, the advent of online sales means that Isagenix independent associates like Mangosteen Wonder are now selling into countries all over the World.

Countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan have traditions incorporating mangosteen into their daily lives. Speak to someone you know from any of these countries and you will find a grandmother somewhere who gave out terrible tasting brewed mangosteen skin like our grandparents spooned out castor oil.

Joe Morton his partners and Wild Flavors International have brought to market a mangosteen juice with world wide appeal in taste. Once tasted everyone and anyone recommends XanGo’s mangosteen juice over grandma’s brewed mangosteen tea. People all around the world are drinking XanGo juice as people “Feel The Difference” it makes to them for there is something truly unique about mangosteen fruit.

XanGo LLC was the first company to create and give the world this magnificent fruit in a bottle. The power of the mangosteen, Garcinia mangostana, lies hidden in the skin or pericarp of the fruit. XanGo purees the entire fruit and has brought to the world market a new “food in a bottle”.

XanGo was the leading mangosteen based, wellness product company in the world – it should be as it created XanGo juice. In addition Xango brought to market other products such as Eleviv. If you are looking for Eleviv go to this link for an alternative.


Isagenix Independent Associate
Find Out About Isagenix

Network Marketing Business

There are more ways than one to bring a product to market. Brothers and founders Joe and Gordon Morton decided to market the juice through direct sales. Today, Isagenix sells Xango juice and stands as an example of direct sales done the right way with belief and commitment to basic principles.

XANGO Juice is sold through direct sales, as it is so mouth wateringly delicious to drink and a pleasure to recommend to anyone.

Isagenix International LLC, a member of the Direct Selling Association that abides by a direct code of ethics and also signatory to the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, one of the first few companies to do so.

In 2020, Isagenix is now so much more, owning the Patent to the original mangosteen juice. Isagenix is the mangosteen wellness company for The World, now with a complete and varied range of products.

The company cultivates innovative, world-class products and also provided for its associates with an innovative, groundbreaking compensation plan. Other direct sales companies have adopted Isagenix’s income ideas, since 2003, and it retains the position as the vanguard network marketing business opportunity.

Isagenix independent associates have unparalleled possibilities for business growth. Isagenix where it is “Safe To Dream”, where people can start making an income from there first recommendation, where someone who has recently joined can be bigger than the distributors before them.

Why Network Marketing?

Network marketing benefits action by those people recommending Isagenix products and XanGo juice.

Network marketing is the action of bringing an exciting product directly to the people who need it—and faster than any other marketing method. Mangosteen juice and network marketing a story being told to those who need its benefits. Network marketing, the action of an ordinary individual building a personally owned, independent business with no risk to personal capital. Network marketing the simplest form of marketing: the action of person-to-person recommendations that benefits everyone involved.

The business model provides a remarkable opportunity for people with varied talents to use those talents to earn additional income that is either part-time to full-time pay.

Briefly and simply put distributors earn income from Isagenix products in 4 ways:

  1. Retail recommendations and sales to customers.
  2. Weekly commissions from new personally sponsored associatess who purchase with an enrolment.
  3. Monthly commissions from ongoing purchases made by associates and preferred customers in their downline.
  4. Global Bonus payments at various levels..

Isagenix’s International Preferred Customer program allows anyone wanting to try Xango mangosteen juice to purchase at wholesale prices, a 25% discount on retail. This Isagenix International program also enables associates the opportunity to earn commissions from these preferred customer sales.

Mangosteen Wonder Website

This website is owned and operated by an Isagenix Independent Associate, Damian McVeigh and is not endorsed by Isagenix International, LLC. Any opinions expressed on this website are made by and the responsibility of the individual associate and should not be construed as a representation of the opinions of Isagenix International, LLC.

Mangosteen Wonder is our brand name for all our Internet properties.

What’s Hot? XanGo Canada Video > Watch the YouTube video

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