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Mangosteen Wonder Update | Isagenix 2020 and US

Mangosteen Wonder has become part of a group of Isagenix International Independent Associates known collectively as the “Mangosteen Network”.

This page of the Mangosteen Wonder website at https://mangosteenwonder.com is UNDER REVIEW until it meets Isagenix compliance guidelines.

Team website and Worldwide business endeavors on the Internet will be under REVIEW. Until approved by Isagenix International.

Xango and Zija Together Dwayne Dyer and Mangosteen Wonder. Zija Independent Distributors.
Mangosteen Network from left to right, Melita Gill, Fiona Armistead, Dwayne Dyer, Robyn McVeigh and Glenys Castles.
Mangosteen Network

Hello and welcome to Mangosteen Wonder

XanGo Juice

Today we are blessed to have Dwayne Dyer and Cheryl Herron become part of this website’s management.

We have a vision of where we wish to be in the future and the implementation of that future is here.

We invite you to be part of this growing network of Zija International distributors.

Contact me today on my Isagenix website or through the Contact page on this website.

Robyn McVeigh, I write about mangosteen, moringa and products related to both of these botanicals. As I have a business distributing these products, I also write about the World wide network marketing possibility available through the parent company Isagenix International.  This blog is for people to understand how moringa, mangosteen and related products through network marketing are able to change lives.

My life has truly been changed, after the first 3 months that I trialled XanGo juice, a pureed mangosteen juice, that I like to refer to as “liquid food in a bottle”.

I have been associated as a distributor with XanGo since 2007.  I have seen the availability of XanGo juice change the lives of many people  financially and as a source of food, supplying nutrients not previously available with the difference this has made to people’s lives.

XanGo juice samples big and small
Xango juice bottles and travel sachets

XanGo LLC as a company was truly remarkable with what it achieved since 2002 and allowed its distributors to achieve with products that are remarkable and as I found to my benefit “too good to believe”.

Now, thanks to Zija International I still have the opportunity to distribute XanGo juice.

However, now I can offer the wide range of Isagenix’s’s “Natural Health Revolution” products to The World.

Please examine the blog and discover for yourself Zija, Moringa oleifera, XanGo and mangosteen or Garcinia mangostana.