Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

Care for Yourself With Natural Safe And Pure Products

Natural pure and safe skin care by Zija International
Protect Your Family with Natural Skincare

Natural skincare is the most important issue in beauty therapy as more and more consumers become aware of the hazardous, toxic chemicals in their skin care and personal care products.  Consumers have realised that government regulations for the ingredients in cosmetics are 40 years out of date.  Throughout the world there is wide variety in government regulations on cosmetics.  The European Union leads the way with an amended Cosmetic Directive banning chemicals known or suspected of causing cancer, birth defects or genetic mutations.  Alas, other governments are woefully slow to take action.

Why are hazardous chemicals in cosmetic products?  Producers of cosmetics are under regulated as 40 years ago products applied to the skin were NOT thought to have an impact on the body.  The skin was thought to be a barrier to the chemical additives.

However, today we know differently.  Medications are now produced on skin patches for rapid absorption into the body.

Toxins and Hazardous Chemicals in Skin Care and Personal Care Products

Within everyday skin care or personal products that women, men, children and babies are exposed to every day there have been found up to 10,500 additives.  And I do mean additives some are additives for your car radiator and you put that on your skin!!!  Only 11% of these additives have been tested for safety.

Recent studies by the Environment Working Group found the following results in personal care products:

  • 60% had compounds that disrupt hormones in the body
  • 56% contained chemicals that helped other chemicals penetrate quicker and deeper into your body
  • 45% of products could be harmful to your reproductive capacity or harm an unborn baby’s development
  • 33% had ingredients linked to cancer


Unfortunately hairdressers, cosmeticians and manicurists are exposed to these chemical daily.  These 3 professions have been shown to have 4 times the likely development of bone tumours or myeloma than the population at large.  Women using hair dye are 50% more likely to develop non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Occupational health studies in relation to products used within the beauty industry revealed that of 2,983 chemicals studied 884 were found to be hazardous causing one or more of the following: biological or reproductive mutations, acute toxicity, tumours and cancer causing plus eye and skin irritations.

This is a TOXIC NIGHTMARE that we expose ourselves to on a constant basis.  What can you do to safe guard yourself and your loved ones?

How to Choose a Safe Skin Care Product

Examine the product labels on these goods within your household,  mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion, baby lotion, soap, lipstick and hair conditioner.  What you will find is a toxic cocktail of chemicals.

There are a host of chemicals to avoid but the following list is a good starting point: isopropyl alcohol, aluminum, benzyl alcohol, cationic surfactants, coal tar, diethanolamine, ethanol, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, imidazolidinyl urea, lead, mercury, p-phenylenediamine, paraben derivatives, petroleum distillates, phthalates, poltethylene glycol (PEG), quaternary ammonium compounds, silica, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, toluene, triclosan, triethanolamine and the list goes on.  Look for a future post on Skin Care Toxins.

My best advice is to carefully select a company committed to protecting the health of you and your family.  Look for a company that has signed the “Guideline for Safe Cosmetics” from the Natural Products Association.

XanGo LLC Signs Compact For Safe Cosmetics

Green Technology Brings Out Mangosteen Oil from Zija International
Pericarp Oil of Mangosteen

In 2008, XanGo LLC signed the Natural Products Association’s “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”.  This means if you are searching for a natural safe skin care or personal care product then XanGo products are manufactured to the highest standards to protect you and your loved ones.



All XanGo products meet the standards from the Natural Products Association and are toxin free for your protection.

At the time of writing XanGo has a range of natural skin care products “Glimpse” is the brand name and a range of natural skin care products with the brand name “Juni”.   All XanGo products are based around the powerful plant nutrients found within mangosteen.

Natural Skin Care and Natural Personal Care

Natural Skin Care | XanGo
Glimpse Natural Skin Care

Within the Glimpse range are Glimpse skin nutrition of dry to normal skin or normal to oily skin and a skincare for combination skin types.  Exclusive to the Glimpse skin care range is mangosteen pericarp oil produced using a new “green” technology patented to XanGo.  Recently, XanGo released a natural mineral treatment and is soon expected to release an update to the products available in the pericarp oil area.

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  1. Ella

    After reading a number of articles such as this, I decided to start using more natural and organic skincare products. My skin is so important to me – not to mention that the skin is our largest organ. People are so caught up with the types of food and medications they put in their body – but how many of us stop and think about what we are putting ON our body? I’m definitely an avid label reader and make sure to do my fair share of research when buying natural products. There are still a lot of brands out there claiming to be natural and organic, but when you stop and read the labels, you’ll see they are hardly natural at all! My go to now is P*** N***. They have some terrific products that I now swear by. My favorite being D*** A*** Oil Moisturizer, which is a blend of *** oil and essential oils.

    Overall – great article with some great reviews! Glad I came across this!

    1. Hello EllaMarie,
      Thank you for taking time to read this page on Natural Skin Care. You are right and Natural Skin Care is now a concern for all of us you using these products everyday.
      XanGo natural skin care that I posted about is a signatory to the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and has submitted their products to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website.
      The EWG standards are exemplary and extremely thorough, distinguishing between plant additives and man-made additives.
      Unfortunately, I could not find the company and or products you mentioned were a signatory to the Compact for Safe Cosmetics or listed on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website.
      Please let me know if I am incorrect.
      Would it be OK with you if I offered you a sample of XanGo’s Glimpse skincare system to trial? Just send me a reply in the comment field.
      Best wishes in your endeavours,

    2. Hi, I love Xango products. I live in New Zealand. Where I can buy Xango products? Many thanks.

      1. Hello there Aurora,

        I have just returned from holidays and hope this reply gets to you in a timely manner.

        You can buy Xango juice from my link if you wish to buy from my New Zealand contacts I can pass these onto you.
        In buying through the above link choose your country flag to access a secure NZ sales site.
        A new simplified sales system was implemented while I was away and I’m catching up today.

    3. Hi, I love Xango products. I live in New Zealand. Where I can buy Xango products? Many thanks.

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