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Original Xango Mangosteen Juice Save 25%

In Australia buy your Xango juice  through an independent Isagenix associate of this unique mangosteen juice at wholesale prices.

Get Xango juice at $148.01 plus shipping of $14.95, total $162.96

Price current for 2021.

This post was updated in 2020.  Our Xango juice update is necessary because if you go to our main Isagenix website you can’t find Xango juice.


If you use the contact in the description below or the video we’ll show you where Xango juice is on the site.  Use the “Signup and Save” tab then below the Australian flag choose Preferred Customer for the 25% discount.

 In Australia phone 0410 054 554.

Pricing relevant for 2021 is retail $208.30 … but … DON’T PAY THAT PRICE.

Talk to us about preferred customer status for a 25% discount.

Get Xango juice at $148.01 with shipping of $14.95 anywhere in Australia.

Price current for 2021.

WAIT …….

You can also get further discounts if you give us a phone call and we will explain everything to you.

  • How you can get a saving on shipping.
  • How you can get a further 5% discount.
  • How you can get a further 10% discount.

Mangosteen Wonder has been distributing Xango juice in Australia since 2007. Look for our reviews on our Google My Business listing.

We were surprised recently to learn that our post “5 Factors Effecting How Much Mangosteen Juice To Drink” is now listed with Google questions as an answer to “How Much Mangosteen should I drink?”

Our independent Isagenix sales website is secure and approved by Isagenix, allowing us to sell Xango’s original mangosteen juice to all states of Australia.

No matter what city, suburb or town you are in within Australia we are able to supply you with your supply of Xango juice.

Questions About Xango Juice

Please refer to this post on 19 frequently asked questions about Xango juice.

Best wishes,

Mangosteen Wonder