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Isagenix Xango Zija and Network Marketing

Welcome to ‘Mangosteen Network’ and thank you for taking the time to review my site “Mangosteen Wonder’.  I’m excited to have the chance to share Isagenix International and XanGo products with you. In May 2017, Zija International acquired XanGo LLC to become a powerhouse within the industry and then Isagenix International incorporated Zija and its entire moringa oleifera product line.


Isagenix Independent Associate. Wellness products. Weight management. Adaptogen elixir. Xango Juice. Xango reserve.

Isagenix Benefits

Now with Isagenix you have the benefits of Xango mangosteen products, the nutrition of moringa and the range of Isagenix wellness products, in the same company.  Allowing you to work from home distributing wellness products that are at the forefront of the network marketing industry!

Isagenix International products can be reached by clicking on any of the images.

Network marketing with XanGo. Network Marketing in USA Canada and Australia.
Isagenix for Network Marketing

This website is for you to discover XanGo® Juice, Xango Reserve, Xangp products, Core Moringa products and other products from Isagenix International, the wellness company that provides a once in a lifetime opportunity presented to every one of us, now.  This website was made around just one product Xango juice.

Would it be OK with you, if  I ask a question? Do you want information on Isagenix wellness products or our compensation plan? Please just follow the image below.

All sales links on the site are to an Isagenix independent associate website.

We started this site so people wouldn’t loose access to Xango juice, if they lost contact with a distributor . Today the site has grown to be found for more than we ever imagined.

You may wish to start earning money part time from home and build to a residual income, we all start as beginners and build to our dreams in Network marketing or MLM.  Network marketing is ideal for Mums, Dads and young adults to earn cash from home for an extra income.

Our lives are being challenged everyday, so it is important for all of us to follow good basic principles in our lives to optimise how well we are: healthy food, lots of clean water, sleep, and exercise.   XanGo® Juice is made from mangosteen fruit, and is a delicious whole food beverage.  Research shows that the mangosteen fruit contains a new nutrient source, xanthones that possess potent antioxidant properties and that as part of a balanced diet may help maintain intestinal health, support for cartilage and joint function, neutralise free radical damage to the body and support a healthy cardiovascular system as well as support the body’s natural defences.

Explore the site… take a few minutes and watch a video or two…to learn about the Isagenix International story.

Isagenix International has become the company that can truly change your future, financially and in so many other areas.

Send an email now or call us and let us demonstrate to you how we can work together.

With my warmest regards,
Damian McVeigh


  1. Eloisa behan

    I’m interested in distributing further this product in the philippines. I wanto know where to start. Thank you.

    1. Hello Eloisa, I have sent you a personal message on distribution of XanGo products in the Philippines. Many XanGo distributors have found that with Social Media your possible marketplace can be any country that you know people in. Love to hear from you soon.

  2. Vanessa

    I have come across your website and are interested to join to become a distributor in Melbourne.

    I’m in the process of opening an organic store and are searching for organic wholesaler in Melbourne. I read your website and not sure how it works.

    Say if I want to become the distributor as well as shelling this product is it possible?

    Please connect me to discuss further on **** *** ***.


    1. Hello Vanessa,
      Yes it is. I will contact you at the mobile number provided.
      See you soon,

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