Juni Personal Care Prices

Juni Personal Care Range by XanGo LLC Family friendly products that are pure, simple and safe for everyone you love. Juni can be used with confidence for children and adults. Juni enriched with exclusive mangosteen nutrients that  saturate your skin, scalp and follicles with phytonutrient goodness.   Press this Link to PURCHASE  Juni Personal Care […]

Juni Personal Care | Natural Products For You

Natural Personal Care Products Hair Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Wash & Lotion, Vegan Body Bar & Hair Scalp Treatment Oil   Now you can purchase Juni personal care products for your very own! Now you can have healthy, happy hair and skin. You can replace the chemistry projects (slang for personal care products containing toxic […]

Juni® Personal Care Range

Xango LLC released Juni, a range of personal care products in Australia last week. Once again continuing Xango’s aim of leading the “Wellness” industry Juni is unique based as it is on the goodness of the whole mangosteen fruit. Juni Philosophy Juni products embrace simplicity, purity and safety. Juni is a gentle line of hair […]