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Get Your Xango Mangosteen Juice in Western Australia

Xango juice can be bought from XanGo’s independent distributors. In Western Australia you may have heard of Xango juice or perhaps been drinking it in the past and stopped.

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People loose the contact details from whom they purchased the juice.  In my experience then search for these general terms on the Internet:  1. Get Xango Juice        2. Find Xango Juice        3. Buy Xango Juice        4. Where Can I Buy XanGo Juice

Australian Distributor of XanGo Juice

I am an Australian distributor of XanGo juice living in Melbourne. Using Australia Post for shipping and delivery if you order through my sales website your order of Xango juice will be delivered in 3-7 working days.

You are encouraged to become a Xango customer, no charge for this, and buy at wholesale prices. If you would like to contact me this website has my contact details.

Should you want to talk about anything in relation to XanGo juice or using sales of XanGo juice to make an income, I am happy to speak with you.

Xango mangosteen juice in Western Australia
Are You This Happy Xango Customer in WA?

Update XanGo Juice Price Western Australia

What is the price of Xango Juice in WA?  Xango juice costs $132.25 for 4 bottles of 750 mLs with an additional cost on all juice sales for shipping and handling by Australia Post of $25. The total cost delivered anywhere in WA is $157.25, price update at August 2018.

We supply wholesale to customers from anywhere in Western Australia at the price of $144.20 delivered to your door.

From Perth to Jandakot and Canning Vale, to Warnbro and Rockingham all the way to Albany, Bunbury, Busselton, Denmark and Margaret River. I can assist you. Today there is no “tyranny of distance” I can get Xango juice to you in 3 to 7 business days anywhere  in Western Australia. Marble Bar, Dampier, Wyndham, Broome, Port Hedland down to Geraldton we deliver everywhere because Australia Post delivers all over the state for $13.20.

Xango juice is a food supplement in Australia, so start drinking mangosteen juice today and notice the difference it makes to you.
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Benefits of mangosteen fruit?
Mangosteen contains a class of plant nutrients that humans no longer ingest a unique group of plant nutrients (or phytonutrients),  Xanthones. Use Xango juice to get xanthones into your daily diet and experience the difference Xango’s juice makes to your everyday life and wellbeing.

Mangosteen has the largest number of xanthones in any food source; 63 xanthones have been discovered in mangosteen to date.

Scientists are discovering the possible benefits behind the xanthones found in the mangosteen. Benefits may occur in the following:
Neutralization of free radicals that occur in every day life*.
Supports a healthy immune system*
Supports joint and cartilage function*
Promotes a healthy seasonal respiratory system*
Maintains intestinal health*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or the TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Not only does mangosteen contain xanthones but it also has a synergistic benefit on our body due to an abundance of polysaccharides, catechins and (pro)anthocyanadins.

Does mangosteen have any side effect? Eaten for thousands of years in South East Asia as a food and traditional part of achieving bodily well being there are no reported side effects.  As with any food source, some rare people may be intolerant to mangosteen.

XanGo juice You Can Taste The Difference”