Network Marketing | What Do You Want To Know?

3 Big Questions in Network Marketing

When I first looked at network marketing as you may be doing, viewing this site, I was asking myself:

  1. Network marketing … OK What do I have to do?
  2. Can I do what I have do to make money in network marketing? 
  3. Well … how do I make money in network marketing?

I knew that XanGo products were fabulous for myself and my family but could I make a small income from the products?

Isagenix Independent Associate

Are you asking yourself the same questions?

Well, would it be OK with you if I give you the benefit of what I’ve learned since 2007?

In network marketing this is what you do. You recommend and promote products that you like and love.  Think about what you recommend to people at present.  I’m sure you have been recommending and promoting things without even realising it.   You’ve probably told people about a book,  a film,  a cafe, a new vitamin range you love or a your great local auto mechanic and you’ve been doing this for a long time.  Did you get paid for those recommendations?  No, was my answer.

 For a brief look at an ISAGENIX review of the compensation plan, follow the link.

We have all been recommending things since we were at school.  So, yes you can do network marketing.  Because you talk with people and in a conversation you will speak about family, your jobs, what you have done for a bit of recreation lately and what more the people  you’re speaking with want out of life.  Out of these conversations you will find what people want.  Not what you think they need.

Your recommendations about your network business or product will be able to be presented naturally in a conversation.
How do I make money in network marketing?  I once  attended a seminar by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and he put it most eloquently.  No quotes as I couldn’t write fast enough but he said something like this.
In network marketing you make money from recommending products and the people you recommend also use a product and recommend it and on and on it goes and you make money from all these recommendations.  It is as simple as that.

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