Battle The Winter Challenges

Why are we Vulnerable to Colds & Flu Over Winter What are the benefits of XanGo juice in Winter? So how do I stay fit and well over winter?  Since 2007, I’ve been taking my XanGo juice and have come […]

19 Answers to Mangosteen Juice Questions

19 FAQs About XanGo Since 2007, when I was introduced to the benefits of mangosteen juice, I have read extensively the information on the Internet, information I have personally asked published authors to send me and of course company information, […]

The Fruit for Life Mangosteen

In May 2017, XanGo LLC was acquired by Zija International. Thanks to Zija mangosteen juice will be available as XanGo juice going forward unde r XanGo as one of its brands. This site is dedicated to the wonders of mangosteen […]