The Fruit for Life Mangosteen

Zija and Xango

In May 2017, XanGo LLC was acquired by Zija International.

Thanks to Zija, mangosteen juice will be available as XanGo juice going forward under Zija International as one of its brands.

This site is dedicated to the wonders of mangosteen as found from regular servings of Xango juice. In future as we experience Zija’s products and find the one’s we wish to recommend there will be plenty more to blog about.

XanGo Juice Sales

Zija’s Xango mangosteen juice, the original whole fruit mangosteen puree.

XanGo Juice Try 30 mLs With Each Meal
XanGo Juice By Zija International

Most people drink 30 mLs to 90 mLs a day but you may need more or less.

For more details on this follow this link.

Moringa Oleifera Products

Now I have all the Moringa oleifera products to experience from Moringa the World’s most nutritious plant.

For an overview of the Moringa products available from Zija please follow this link.






  1. Fiona Armistead

    Fantastic site, great info!

    1. Hello Fiona, thank you for viewing our blog and for your encouragement.

  2. Hi Robyn. great website, and a fabulous product
    I have my xango every day without fail.
    I have not had a cold in 4 years and no cellulite(which is great for a woman my age) lyn

    1. Hello Lyn, thanks for the great feedback. There are a lot of amazing stories like yours out there.

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