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XanGo has delivered a skin care innovation. 

Natural products for skin care through a ground breaking discovery.

Glimpse Natural skin care allows the dark, nutriernt rich peel of mangosteen to undergo a natural, toxin free biofermentation process. 

The potency and purity of mangosteen is amplified resulting in the innovation of the proprietary BioActive X3 Complex.


Natural Product for skin care Glimpse by XanGo
Mangosteen the source of natural skin care

Glimpse Natural Skin Care with its xanthone rich complex will nourish and revitalise your skin. The careful balance of BioActive X3 complex with mangosteen infused water and a meticulous combination of cold pressed botanical ingredients will ensure you have a clearer, radiant and younger looking complexion.

For hints about Glimpse and How to use it:


Please view the incredible pictures on XanGo’s website of the results with normal skin.

Now there is a skin care, made of natural products for skin care with the antioxidant properties of mangosteen.


Glimpse is a natural product for Skin Care that is botanical and toxin free.

Normal to Dry skin (System I) with four products Gel Cleanser (100 mls), Toner (50 mls), Serum (30 mls) and Moisturising Lotion (50 mls).

Normal to Combination skin (System II) with four products Creamy Cleanser(100 mls), Toner (50 mls), Serum and Moisturising Cream (50 mls).

Complete System comes with all six products both cleansers, toner, serum and both moisturisers.





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 Normal to Dry Skin Type

Normal to Combination Skin Type