Mangosteen Juice and Isagenix International

Mangosteen Juice on Isagenix Health Resource Mangosteen Fruit Ingredient Spotlight Isagenix International acquired the copyright to the original mangosteen juice, Xango juice in 2020. This acquisition was through the incorporation of Zija International that had previously bought out Xango LLC. In a recent article posted on the Isagenix Health Resources section, mangosteen as an ingredient […]

Pericarp Oil from Mangosteen

Mangosteen Pericarp Oil For longer than documented history, a paste of mangosteen peel and coconut oil has been combined to treat conditions of the peoples of Southeast Asia.  Today, XANGO allows you access to this restorative tradition with our naturally fermented pure Mangosteen Pericarp Oil. Zija International now sells Mangosteen Pericarp Oil previously supplied by […]

Glimpse Skin Care from XanGo

Natural Skin Care Please send me an email via my contact page and I will send you a video outlining the Toxic Nightmare that threatens all our lives. XanGo has delivered a skin care innovation.  Natural products for skin care through a ground breaking discovery. Glimpse Natural skin care allows the dark, nutriernt rich peel […]

mangosteen juice for sore throats and ginger tea for colds

Stop Sore Throats and Colds From Getting Worse

Mangosteen and Ginger Tea You can watch the YouTube video for the recipe below. Here is the recipe to make Ginger and Mangosteen tea. This tasty tea is great for helping you improve and feel better when you have a sore throat and blocked nose. Ginger and Mangosteen Juice Tea Recipe: Put 6 cups of […]

Xango juice for limitless energy

Natural Energy Drink | XanGo Supplement

NATURAL ENERGY DRINK | Zija Limitless Things have changed with Zija buying out Xango. However the idea behind this post hasn’t changed and the ingredients are the same in Limitless.   Thought I’d let you all in on what I have been looking for, I have been trying to find a natural energy drink to […]

XanGo Juice | Mangosteen Juice | Australian TV

 XanGo Juice Recommended by Dr Templeman on the Morning Show in Australia Dr Templeman recommends the mangosteen juice from XanGo. Listen to the interview and you to will find out why this doctor believes in his recommendations. Mangosteen is full of goodness from catechins to polysaccharides to proanthocyanadins but it also has an ingredient, xanthones […]

XanGo News Anti Aging Product

XanGo New Release of Anti Aging Product XanGo has just started to leak news of a new product release. The first hint was 5 weeks ago with this video tease by Joe Morton, the ideas man behind XanGo juice.         So when I saw that I racked my brain for ideas. What […]

6 Ways to Stay Fit and Well

XanGo Blog Curation Post This post is from the website blog. A general overview of how to look after yourself and stay fit and well. 1. Drink Plenty of Water: It is essential to consume between eight and ten glasses of water daily for optimum health. Water is the body’s natural cleanser and is […]

Network Marketing The Benefits Of Working From Home

XanGo Juice Benefits What are the benefits of XanGo juice?  This has always been such an easy question to answer. Working from home and earning an income from home, I have been able to plan my day around the things that matter to me.  No supervisor, no rejection of a request for time off to […]

Battle The Winter Challenges

Why are we Vulnerable to Colds & Flu Over Winter What are the benefits of XanGo juice in Winter? So how do I stay fit and well over winter?  Since 2007, I’ve been taking my XanGo juice and have come down with a cold / flu only once in that period. 🙂 Update to 2017 […]