Isagenix Zija Xango Juice | Mangosteen Do You Still Want The Benefits

Isagenix International now sells Xango’s mangosteen juice

Are you one of the hundreds of people upset with loosing contact with your overseas XanGo contacts? Where did they all go to? Here at Mangosteen Wonder we still distribute Xango juice and continue to service our loyal clients. Yes, it used to be under Zija for 2017 to 2020.

Isagenix Zija XanGo Mangosteen Juice
XanGo Juice NOW through Isagenix International

How can you get your Xango mangosteen juice again?

Would it be OK with you if I answered that question?

Well … obviously through us if that is agreeable with you.

Our SALES site is at

Phone an Zija independent distributor, formerly a XanGo distributor that is still in business:   +61 410 054 554.

We haven’t left and gone somewhere else. Ask for Robyn when you call.

Zija Xango Mangosteen Juice Prices

Xango juice prices current at August 2018, wholesale prices shown for 4 bottles each of 750mLs.

Xango juice in Australia AUS$159.95
Xango juice in Canada CAN$133.34
Xango juice in New Zealand US$148.20
Xango juice in United States of America US$120
Pricing current at 11 August 2020. Pricing may vary please checkout the sales web links. Shipping costs and other taxes may apply and are shown before final checkout. Some markets only sell through NFR or Not For Retail these markets require an email request to [email protected]


Mangosteen Get The Benefits Again

If you’ve been on mangosteen juice, especially the original patented XanGo juice, I don’t have to tell you what the benefits are you’ve all experienced the benefits. Purple mangosteen fruit provides our bodies with a full range of antioxidants and our bodies do the rest.
We all know and have experienced the benefits of the original mangosteen juice and don’t want to be without our “Jungle” juice.

Benefits of mangosteen and Xango juice
Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

We know that not everyone buys Xango mangosteen juice on a monthly basis and that most users want the juice when they need it.

What everyone who hasn’t been able to get Xango juice wants is someone who can support them to get their original mangosteen juice again. Not everyone is an Internet guru and we all know that some sites just aren’t user friendly.

We are here to assist you get connected to XanGo juice again.

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