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Xango Juice Canada from Isagenix and Zija

Xango News September 2021 Update

Isagenix LLC has now released all Xango products for retail and wholesale in Canada.

Xango juice, Xango Reserve and Xango bundles are now available for open purchase on an independent  Isagenix associates’s sales website.

The original mangosteen juice, Xango juice, is available again as is  the source of  xanthones for wholesale or retail sales.

Buy Xango Products here. 

For around the previous 12 months Xango juice has only been available through ‘Not for Retail’ the NFR option versus the Local option in the sales process.

Learn how this may affect you, if you currently get Xango on autoship or Lifestyle Rewards program from Isagenix International.

Isagenix NFR Sales

The Canadian government allows for sales through a “Not For Retail” process. If you are an Isagenix preferred customer then you can order products under a “Not For Retail” process. If you’ve lost access to your Moringa oleifera from Zija then use the ‘Sign Up and Save’ tab on an Isagenix sales website.

Use the”Sign Up and Save”” process in Canada to maintain your supply of Xango juice or Xango Reserve.

Xango Juice for Canada by Mangosteen Wonder

For the Xango Products in Canada link click the image.

XanGo LLC was acquired by Zija International in May 2017. The one and only original mangosteen juice; made from a puree of the whole fruit is still available.
Yes … the bottles are different colours these days but the juice is still delicious and still the same great taste with the same benefits as always.

Xango Juice by Isagenix International now are in white bottles, see the image below.

XanGo Mangosteen Juice for Canada Best Buy for mangosteen Juice
NOT for RETAIL XanGo CLICK on the Bottles for an Isagenix website.

Where will my XanGo Juice Order be shipped from?

Your order of xango mangosteen juice on the secure website of an Isagenix Independent associate will come from a USA warehouse.

We are not third party sellers of Xango juice which may happen when you purchase on Ebay. Our sales site is the approved Isagenix website and delivery time in Canada is quoted as 5 to 10 working days. Generally through non-genuine sales site there is a longer shipping time due to two shipment processes that occur with third party resellers.

I live in Australia and have built a reputation of delivering service; this delivery of service, care and followup has led to trust from our clients and customers that has establish our on-line business.

If you would like to purchase through one of our USA Isagenix associates please contact us through our Contact Page.

View our local Mangosteen Wonder reviews.

Canada GUARANTEE and RETURN POLICY: Further details can be found here on this website.

Isagenix is committed to providing you with high-quality, no-compromise products. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to initiate a return of the following:

  • Your initial order of product placed, opened or unopened.
  • Any product(s) you are trying for the first time, opened or unopened.
  • Your first Autoship order for unopened products only.

For more details, please review our Isagenix Return & Refund Policy.

Need more help? You can also email questions to HelpCenter@IsagenixCorp.com.

Note: Regarding Canadian Sales Tax
By ordering goods from Isagenix International, you hereby authorize a licensed Canadian customs broker, chosen by Isagenix International to act as your agent, to transact business with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to clear your merchandise and account for applicable duties and taxes. Isagenix will collect and remit all applicable sales taxes on behalf of the Distributor/Customer based on the suggested purchase price of the products ordered and the Distributor/Customer’s local tax rate.