Pericarp Oil from Mangosteen

Mangosteen Pericarp Oil

XanGo Brings You Mangosteen Pericarp oil
Pericarp Oil from Mangosteen by XanGo

For longer than documented history, a paste of mangosteen peel and coconut oil has been combined to treat conditions of the peoples of Southeast Asia.  Today, XANGO allows you access to this restorative tradition with our naturally fermented pure Mangosteen Pericarp Oil.

Zija International now sells Mangosteen Pericarp Oil previously supplied by XanGo LLC.

Mangosteen Pericarp Oil by Zija
Zija now supplies Mangosteen Pericarp Oil

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Use the knowledge of the past and embrace natural treatment with Xango’s most concentrated xanthone complex.  Now validated by modern science, experience XANGO’s new answer to soothed, energized, and protected skin.

Directions: Apply topically. For dry skin, add 1-2 drops to Glimpse Moisturizer.

Avoid direct eye contact.

Green Technology Brings Out Mangosteen Oil
Now XanGo Brings Out The Oil of Mangosteen


Benefits and Features:

  • Contains the pure essence of mangosteen: a richly concentrated xanthone oil
  • Helps to restore the skin to its most healthy state
  • Brings balance while soothing challenged skin conditions
  • Calms the signs of inflammation and stimulates collagen production*
  • Safe for family use and anywhere on the body

*In-vitro studies

Ingredients: caffeic, coco, coumaric, mangosteen pericarp esters, nucifera (coconut) oil

Notes: No animal testing, Fragrance free and Dermatologist tested


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