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What is stopping you from joining a network business?

Watch The Video Below “Who To Listen To” with Tim Sales, Then Read My Experience

For me originally years ago it was people that I listened to who were the reason I didn’t get involved earlier in network marketing.  These people said things like; “No one makes any money out of those thing” or “It just a get rich quick scheme” or “Don’t get involved its a pyramid scheme” or “Haven’t you seen on the Internet all the videos that it is a scam”. Consequently I missed one of life’s best opportunities to be presented to me.

The years I wasted when I could have had a business from home, as I was looking after my children watching and helping them grow.  Way back then, I took on part-time work, low paid work as that was all I could find that fitted with my family life.

Listening to the wrong people was a “Dream Killer” for me.  I only opened my eyes and ears when some of the XanGo products had astounding beneficial effects on people in my family.  I knew XanGo was distributed through the network marketing model and I started to wonder if I could pay for my purchases with some recommendations of their products.

Then I questioned “What is a pyramid scheme?” are they good or bad.  I’d had a friend who got involved in “The Aeroplane” scheme, selling seats on a plane that didn’t exist until they became the pilot and flew off i.e. with all the seat allocation money. Now that was a scheme, a fraud and illegal scheme.

Companies that actually have products or services to sell are not fraudulent and are completely legal.  Network marketing companies do enroll each new level of business owners from the top down, yes it looks like a “pyramid” but so does any government or business structure that operates from the top down.

I knew I loved the products that we were using in my family.  People were approaching me to find out why things were so different.  At that stage I decided to become involved, to trust my own experience and intuition and recommend XanGo products.

With my first recommendation, I found that I was making  money and with the structure of how the company pays its business builders my growth became constant as my team or network of contacts grew.  Next, when I stopped to look, I was earning enough money each month to cover the costs of my purchases.

Did you know people listen to what you say?

Within a short period I found myself using my home organisation skills like time management and prioritization to improve myself and the money coming into the home.

For me there came a point that I resigned my part-time job and concentrated on my own business, my own business distributing and recommending XanGo products.

I haven’t looked back since making up my own mind and trusting my own instincts.

Do you want to know what is involved in network marketing?

Do you want to know if you can do what it takes to do networking?

Do you want to know how networking makes you money?

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