Xango Xalo Review 2014 Compensation Plan

Isagenix Buys Zija 2020

Zija Buys Out Xango 2017

Xango juice copyright is now owned by Isagenix International. For the Isagenix Compensation plan please use this link below. In addition you can fill in the information request through the Isagenix Opportunity paragraph later in this post.

Isagenix Information Page


For a complete review of Xango and the updates that have occurred since 2017 click here to see a brief overview.

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Find out about the extensive range of Isagenix, Zija and Xango products by requesting a catalog. I’ll send you a link to the PDF.

Isagenix Website

This Isagenix independent associate website page will allow you to find out about Isagenix’s ethos and company core values.

NOTE: Zija and Xango products are still available through Isagenix shopping pages. Just choose “Sign Up and Save” for 25% discount. Select your country and shop “Local”. Next  select “Zija” under “Browse Catalog”, if the product you want is available in your market it will show up.

Can’t find your Xango juice or Zija product such as Super Mix or XM+? Your product may not be available under LOCAL. Instead go back in the menu and select NFR which stands for NOT FOR RETAIL.

This video will assist you in the process. It was made for Canada when Xango juice was unavailable there for 12 months. Never the less the idea is still the same and shows you how to find your missing product.


Isagenix Opportunity

“The best things in life are shared by people talking to other people, and that’s exactly what our Associates do every day. Together we have been helping hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives with our solutions-based products and business opportunity. Simply put, when you become an Isagenix Associate, we reward you for sharing the products you’ve always loved. We’ve developed the tools, training, and systems to help you with your new journey and we look forward to partnering with you.”

Isagenix has he best, the most up to date tools for helping associates achieve that I’ve come across. A truly rock solid company to go with and grow.

Do you want to know more about the Isagenix compensation plan? Please go ahead and fill in the request for information at the bottom of this page. Remember to ask for the ‘Compensation Plan’ in your email request in the comments section.

The Xango review of their compensation plan, which remained unchanged for so many years, has led to many improvements. In 2014 the Xango income plan combined the best of the old compensation plan with the best of the new Xalo products line compensation plan.

review of xango I’ll be the first to admit that following the money I was bringing in through 2 differing payments plans wasn’t straight forward.

But as with all great companies when something isn’t working you fix it and that is this Xango review did with the implementation of their new comp plan.


I suppose they didn’t want to disturb their first comp plan, from 2002, as it was evolutionary in the network marketing pay plans with:

  • Unilevel payouts to 9 levels
  • Dynamic compression with no limit on depth
  • Full 50% payout to distributors and NO breakages


 Xango Xalo Payment Plan Reviewed

Upon review the new payment scheme is even easier for a person just starting out to bring in an income that can change the circumstances of their family.

The benefits of the Xango review are as follows:

  • All the 2002 ground breaking distributor income innovations
  • The new customer status for wholesale sales with higher payout to distributors
  • Now simple volume based plan
  • New startup distributors have access to various percentages of the global bonus pool
  • Customers can earn Xango products through further customer recommendations.

For further details about Xango and their products please review our landing page.