Xango Xalo Review 2014 Compensation Plan

Zija Buys Out Xango

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The Xango review of their compensation plan, which remained unchanged for so many years, has led to many improvements. In 2014 the Xango income plan combined the best of the old compensation plan with the best of the new Xalo products line compensation plan.

review of xango I’ll be the first to admit that following the money I was bringing in through 2 differing payments plans wasn’t straight forward.

But as with all great companies when something isn’t working you fix it and that is this Xango review did with the implementation of their new comp plan.


I suppose they didn’t want to disturb their first comp plan, from 2002, as it was evolutionary in the network marketing pay plans with:

  • Unilevel payouts to 9 levels
  • Dynamic compression with no limit on depth
  • Full 50% payout to distributors and NO breakages


 Xango Xalo Payment Plan Reviewed

Upon review the new payment scheme is even easier for a person just starting out to bring in an income that can change the circumstances of their family.

The benefits of the Xango review are as follows:

  • All the 2002 ground breaking distributor income innovations
  • The new customer status for wholesale sales with higher payout to distributors
  • Now simple volume based plan
  • New startup distributors have access to various percentages of the global bonus pool
  • Customers can earn Xango products through further customer recommendations.

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