Xango Website

Official Xango Website

If you’ve found my website, we are NOT the official Xango website but we are selling Xango juice products as Isagenix independent associates.

Looking for a Xango product

Many people wanting Xango juice or Xango Reserve are searching for their favourite mangosteen drink from Xango. Using Internet search terms such as ‘xango’, ‘xango juice’, ‘xango website’ or ‘official xango website’.

Xango LLC is no longer operating and Xango juice, Xango Reserve or other combination for Xango products are sold through Isagenix independent associates.

Best Price Xango Juice

Best prices on Xango juice can be obtained through all Isagenix associates.

Why is this you may ask? You just have to search around online to find out the answer. Searches for ‘best price xango juice’ or ‘buy xango juice’ reveal Xango mangosteen juice sold through Alibaba, eBay and Amazon.

Following the links online, I found one or more of the circumstances below:

  • Xango juice wasn’t for sale
  • Other juices for sale but not Xango’s mangosteen juice
  • Capsules and powders of mangosteen
  • Someone advertising network marketing scams
  •  No goods availale, out of stock messages
  • Alternatives way more expensive than genuine Xango juice from Isagenix
  • Products had to be shipped from overseas

For starters  genuine Isagenix independent associates wouldn’t sell Xango juice through eBay, Alibaba or any of those other eCommerce stores.

Genuine associates wouldn’t risk loosing their valid businesses as associates with Isagenix as these eCommerce sites are prohibited by company rules.

Approved Isagenix Website

All Isagenx independent associates must make their retail or wholesale sales through the approved Isagenix website.

Best prices on Xango juice can be obtained by choosing to buy as a wholesale preferred customer. Select the “Sign up and Save” option on the Isagenix website link. Have a thorough look at the video at the beginning of this post update.

The “Sign up and Save” option will get you a 25% discount on retail prices. If you wish you can buy retail price. However there is NO charge to become a preferred customer.

Find Xango Products on Isagenix Website

Some people find Xango juice hard to find on an approved Isagenix website.

The reason for this is as best I can interpret.  Zija LLC first acquired Xango LLC outright, when Isagenix International acquired Zija LLC, Zija was incorporated into Isagenix.

Zija was beginning after an appropriate period to sell Xango juice, as Zija Xango juice post 2017.

Therefore today you will find Xango products under the Zija tab in the products area. You will find Xango Mangosteen Juice, 750 ml, 4-Count (1 case), Xango Mangosteen Juice, 750 ml, 2-Count, Xango Reserve Juice, 750 ml, 4-Count or Xango bundles there through the Zija tab of the website.

Update September 2021 for Isagenix Website

It has come to my attention that as Isagenix improves their website some pages don’t open to where they used to; and some Isagenix product menus don’t display Zija or even Xango juice under the new ‘Functional Beverages’.

Official Xango website now on IsagenixSo, my advice is to use the ‘Search” magnifying glass next to the head and shoulder image on the right hand side of the website.

The search will open up to an area where if you just look for Xango, you will find all the Xango products.

Buy Xango juice. How to find Xango on an Isagenix website.Network Marketing Scams

Early on in this post I mentioned that when you look for ‘best price xango online’ you find all sorts of articles derogatory to Xango, Xango juice, xango mangosteen juice etc. etc.

I’ve been able to see through these rubbish articles since 2007 when my wife, Robyn first became a Xango distributor. Please read the Isagenix income disclaimer on this page of our website.

Network marketing is a business, treat it like a business and you won’t be disappointed. If you would like to speak with me about network marketing with Isagenix and their products go to our contact page.

Many of these scam articles are just reviews or click bait of the words, Xango or Isagenix. The article finally comes down to a conclusion that network marketing with Xango juice or Isagenix is NOT a scam.

The authors then try to get you to sign up with them and their course or buy their book. Use my contact page, email me and I’ll train you without charging. You’ll have the benefit of our Isagenix independent associates and myself.

Cheers and best wishes.