Xango Website

Official Xango Website If you’ve found my website, we are NOT the official Xango website but we are selling Xango juice products as Isagenix independent associates. Looking for a Xango product Many people wanting Xango juice or Xango Reserve are searching for their favourite mangosteen drink from Xango. Using Internet search terms such as ‘xango’, […]

Xango Juice Canada | NEWS Update September 2021

Xango Juice Canada Update Xango Products Available for Canada September 2, 2021 Looking to buy Xango juice in Canada? Isagenix have just released the news that all Xango products will be available to the Canadian market through the LOCAL purchase option. No longer will you have to buy through NFR, not for retail, sales area. […]

Xango Xalo Review 2014 Compensation Plan

Isagenix Buys Zija 2020 Zija Buys Out Xango 2017 Xango juice copyright is now owned by Isagenix International. For the Isagenix Compensation plan please use this link below. In addition you can fill in the information request through the Isagenix Opportunity paragraph later in this post. Isagenix Information Page https://mangosteenwonder.isagenix.com/en-us/opportunity/become-an-associate For a complete review of […]

Restore Energy XanGo Eleviv

Restore Your Energy Levels Stop Those Afternoon Blues Do you want more energy? Do you feel like you can’t keep going? Do you feel like you can’t find the “get up and go” to deal with life? I used to feel like I didn’t know how I could get through the day ….. but then […]

Ageless Info

XanGo ceases production of Ageless Xango Demise Xango and their demise upset more than many distributors. Many of their customers lost contact with their Xango reps and more importantly some of the fantastic products xango had brought to market. I lost and miss my Xango Ageless. I’m now using Isagenix’s Isagenesis to support my telomeres. […]

Independent Distributor Update | March 2013

XanGo Australia Independent Distributors Xango what a special month it has been! Welcome to the March update, our second monthly update for Australia. Xango and Dwayne Dyer’s Visit To start the month we had Xango’s Dwayne Dyer, our first distributor ever for XanGo visiting Victoria. Dwayne’s enthusiasm, drive and expertise has rubbed off on everyone […]

Can You Succeed In A Company Based On Mangosteen

Zija The Compensation Plan Xango Distributors in all markets such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and Hong Kong to name a few, earn an income in 5 different ways with the business opportunity from home. Earn a profit from retail sales to customers. You make the difference between the wholesale and retail […]

Independent Distributor Update | February 2013

XanGo and Zija Independent¬†Distributors¬† For distributors in Canberra, New South Wales, Northern Territory , Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria Xango has folded all active reps are now Isagenix Independent Associates. Welcome to the first monthly update for Australian businesses. In this and coming monthly blog posts “Mangosteen Wonder” will attempt to be the place […]

Mangosteen Juice | Director Aaron Garrity

Founding Director of XanGo LLC Present Board Chairman Aaron Garrity was recently, January 2013, named by DirectSellingLive.com as the 8th-most powerful individual in global direct sales industry. The annual recognition names the top 50 most powerful, most influential people in direct selling and network marketing worldwide. Previously Mr Garrity had been named CEO of the […]