Can You Succeed In A Company Based On Mangosteen

Zija The Compensation Plan

Xango Distributors in all markets such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and Hong Kong to name a few, earn an income in 5 different ways with the business opportunity from home.

  1. Earn a profit from retail sales to customers. You make the difference between the wholesale and retail price.
  2. Weekly “PowerStart” commission from new personally sponsored distributors.
  3. Weekly commission from personally sponsored customers under the recently implemented “Customer Connect” program.
  4. Distributors can earn a UniLevel Commission for additional sales made by Distributors in their downline based on a qualified rank.
  5. Distributors can earn a portion from Global Bonus Pools.

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Gordon Morton, one of the company founders designed the compensation plan with small, medium and large distributors in mind.  He based his rewards plan on his own experiences as a network marketer.  You really can make a return on your investment in the beginnings of your own business, the compensation plan was designed that way.

The Zija reward plan differs from companies established before it by spreading the commissions to those that work hard and build their organizations. The compensation plan was innovative and unique when first designed.

Network marketing is nothing that you haven’t done before.   Just recommending and sharing products you love ….. however now you have a chance to rewarded for that recommendation.
As a person begins sharing Zija and XanGo products with friends and customers they too may be interested in a business opportunity.

Want to share XanGo products? Remember you have a 30 day money back guarantee.

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For me a desire to simply share mangosteen juice and then to cover my costs, led to making significant earnings that enhanced  our existing family income. Do not believe the naysayers.

What should you look for in a network marketing business? That is an entire post by itself but this is a good post on the subject and the points you should be looking for.

You must do your own due diligence look for financial stability, compensation plan, products, distributors and the quality and experience of the company founders.

I know the decision to choose a company to start with is hard. Network marketing companies the world over claim they are the best, the fairest, most honest and that their products are unique.

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Let me show you what you have to do, how to do it and how to accomplish success from networking.

Are you shy? Join here as a customer for a nominal fee of $20 in the USA, or even less in other markets and pick a product in your country and then contact me.