Independent Distributor Update | March 2013

XanGo Australia Independent Distributors

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Xango what a special month it has been!

Welcome to the March update, our second monthly update for Australia.

Xango and Dwayne Dyer’s Visit

To start the month we had Xango’s Dwayne Dyer, our first distributor ever for XanGo visiting Victoria. Dwayne’s enthusiasm, drive and expertise has rubbed off on everyone he came in contact with whether it was 3 way calls, home meetings, group opportunity meetings or individual meetings with distributors. The best news is that he will be back throughout the year visiting other states in Australia.

buy xango juice australia
Build Y Dream

Great XanGo News For May > Joe Morton to visit Australia.

The originator of XanGo LLC will be in Australia May 16 and 17. Visiting Melbourne May 16 and Gold Coast May 17.

Mangosteen Wonder’s aim for April and May is to promote Joe’s visit by getting Joe’s YouTube video to the first page of Google in Australia for the term “XanGo Juice Australia” and “XanGo Australia”. The video is currently at page 2 and the bottom of page 1 respectively. Lets honour Joe and his visit and get the video to rank in the top 3 for both search terms.

The video below WAS a good XanGo review of the company, Xango juice and other products since 2003.

We are now with Isagenix as independent associates. Mangosteen Wonder we sell xango juice. Therefore the older videos are sometimes still as relevant as ever.

Especially since Dwayne is still our upline associate in Isagenix.

Guest Pass To XanGo Website

Check out this new innovation for your XanGo contacts, it is called XanGo Me. Press this link and see where it takes you. 🙂 Now people you send a link  and people using the link will be your guests on the XanGo website.  Being a guest means they will be able to view more parts of the website than visitors who just put in the company URL. If you do not know how to set up your guest link then send me a question in the comment area and I will get back to you.

Nothing Beats Free Program

The NBF program has been extended and starting in April there are some fantastic revisions.  Check out the XanGo blog for more up to date details. Basically it is easier to qualify for free products just get 3 new customers buying a case of XanGo juice or have any of your currently sponsored customers ordering just 500 points of product and “Voila!” free products for you to choose from.

How To Structure Your Business

During March XanGo released a goldmine PDF detailing all the tricks that their master distributors use to structure their businesses for success. Have you receive your copy yet? If you haven’t then best to contact your sponsor. Lost contact with your sponsor then send a question through the comment box and I’ll assist you to get your copy.

Business and Product Training Calls

Thanks to Laarni Hernando and Kelly Allred there were several calls led by Joe Morton throughout the month. If you want the recordings just drop me a line.