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In 1885 in The Illustrated London News Dr Garcin reported that “the mangosteen is the only fruit which sick people are allowed to eat unsparingly; it is given with safety in almost every disorder.” Why hasn’t it become better known? Why has it taken until the 21st Century for Western scientists to begin experimenting on Garcinia mangostana or Mangosteen.

There have been constant stories out of South East Asia on the wonders of mangosteen.  For a complete synopsis of all the articles published about mangosteen in peer reviewed journals go to Mangosteen Studies in this website.

The mangosteen fruit originates in Southeast Asia, the whole mangosteen fruit has been revered for its taste and for its healing properties.  Historically, the whole fruit was used to treat people both topically and internally.  For a proper coverage of how mangosteen has been used in treating ailments please refer to mangosteen fruit info.  Mangosteen has been mentioned for medicinal uses in extracts of texts from the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.-1644 A.D).

The early research on the whole mangosteen fruit and its numerous nutritional components is both promising and precise.

Here’s a snapshot—just a small sample—of the studies that back the impressive edge of whole mangosteen formulation and supplementation.

Unique to mangosteen is the fact that it contains 43 or more xanthones. Not only does mangosteen contain xanthones but it contains other plant nutrients (phytonutrients) such as catechins like those in green tea, polysaccharides like aloe vera and wolfberry in addition to proanthocyanidins similar to those in all red berries.

What is a xanthone? This will be the topic of another post.  Until then view this link.

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Mangosteen juice from the whole fruit of mangosteen
Mangosteen “Queen of the Fruits”

The magic of Xango juice is the synergistic combination of a host of a whole plant food source to promote overall well being.

XanGo Juice,  a proprietary formula that purées the whole mangosteen rind and pulp.

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XANGO Juice: The Power of Xanthones from the Whole Mangosteen Fruit

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