Glimpse Mineral Treatment

How to maintain a healthy complexion under the Australian Sun?

Glimpse Mineral Treatment is now available in Australia, allowing for flawless coverage and providing for your skin’s complexion with a unique nutritional blend.

Mineral treatment by XanGo obtains its outstanding qualities for your skin through a blend of minerals that are toxin free and triple ground.

Introduced by XanGo to give you that makeup coverage without the toxins products in makeup – NOW A NATURAL MINERAL TREATMENT.

Mineral Skin Care Therapy
XanGo’s Addition To A Natural Skin Care Range

This topical skin treatment allows your skin to shine and display your new found naturalness.


Glimpse Mineral Treatment brings together the BioActive X3 Complex found in our skin care system with oat protein powder, zinc oxide, silk powder, minerals enhanced with attachment to amino acids with a new “Energizing Gemstone Complex”.

Mineral Treatment will bring forth your personal beauty and natural glow.  The visibility of  fine lines and pores will be rendered invisible.

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Glimpse’s sophisticated combination of natural products is available in four shades sheer, light, medium and deep that were designed to blend completely with each other for all skin types.

Sun Protection Mineral Treatment

Our new addition to the Glimpse range has been shown to provide a sun protection factor of SPF25.  Using our mineral treatment will guard your skin and your health.


Use Glimpse Mineral Treatment dry or wet.

Dry Application:

1. Gently add a small amount of Mineral Treatment to the lid of the jar.
2. Use a Glimpse brush*** to gather up the powder.
3. Tap off the excess powder from the brush and apply to face.

4. If you want greater coverage apply some more powder.
5. You may spray on Glimpse Toner to set the powder if want to.

*** kabuki brush or dry foundation brush

Wet Application:
1. Mix a together small amounts each of Glimpse Moisturizer OR Mangosteen Pericarp Oil with the Mineral Treatment to create foundation.
2. Apply with the Glimpse wet foundation brush.
3. Add more powder if you desire increased coverage.
4. You may spray on Glimpse Toner to set the powder if you think this is required.

Benefits of Mineral Therapy as a Skin Care

  • Combats the signs of aging to reveal brighter, more radiant, and healthier-looking skin
  • Contains no toxic chemicals harmful to your skin and your entire well being.  Free of commonly found toxins  in mineral foundations, such as talc, bismuth oxychloride, silicones, titanium dioxide, parabens or  phthalates.
  • Glimpse moisturizers or Mangosteen Pericarp Oil can be used readily with the mineral treatment for a creamy foundation base.

There is still some Glimpse mineral treatment left.