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Restore Your Energy Levels Stop Those Afternoon Blues

Do you want more energy? Do you feel like you can’t keep going? Do you feel like you can’t find the “get up and go” to deal with life?

I used to feel like I didn’t know how I could get through the day ….. but then I started using Eleviv and my life started to look rosy.

Eleviv Natural Energy SupplementMy Get Up and Go Just Went

 The follow article appeared in a website that I used to subscribe to and I was really impressed with the quality of the writing.

Eleviv is a Xango product designed as a dietary supplement to promote physical, mental and emotional vigor in people who are tired, stressed or depressed..

Xango released this natural dietary supplement over 5 years ago and remains one of the top 3 selling products for the company.Are you looking for a review of Xango and their income reward plan just follow the link.

So this combination of Eurycoma longifloria, citrus peel extract, green tea and L-theanine must have something going for it that works for the “tired, stressed and depressed”  since people keep buying it and I include myself in these categories. Following is the text of the article from the website, MyMangosteen, that I subscribe to.

“….after the age of 30 it is totally normal to start feeling a little more stressed, fatigued, foggy brained, frazzled, pudgy, grumpy, unmotivated, irritable…and have your body kinda forget what the word “libido” means. As we age, our hormone levels change and for some of us that means we can get a little ‘out of balance’. Feeling a tad “meh” is a totally acceptable place to be! So, just sit back. Let the drawstring on those sweat pants loosen and—WAIT A MINUTE. That is normal?! Seriously??? Normal sounds AWFUL! No one should have to feel like that!

But, LADIES — before you jump into doing Hormone Replacement Therapy and increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, breast and/or endometrial cancer; and GUYS — before you listen to that controversial “Low T” commercial that promises vitality  (and warns you that your kids might grow mustaches if you use it wrong) — let’s look at some of the more NATURAL options.

Aging IS, after all, natural. Hormonal fluctuation throughout our lives is natural too. But that doesn’t mean you have to take feeling like crap lying down!

Here are some healthy alternatives to “taking” hormones:

Never heard of Eleviv? It’s a new category-creating product from Xango designed to support your natural vigor, a scientific term that describes a balanced state of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In a nutshell, it is designed to make you feel better. (Scroll down below to see how other people say it makes them feel!)

Wait before you read on watch this video.

A woman who has lots of vigor.

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At a recommended dosage of just two capsules a day, Eleviv has been shown to:

  • Boost energy levels and reduce fatigue*
  • Promote vigor through mental and physical stamina*
  • Improve coping abilities while stressed*
  • Enhance mood and a feeling of well-being*
  • Restore concentration and mental alertness*
  • Maintain metabolic balance*


Using a powerful patent-pending formula, Eleviv by XanGo provides sustained physical energy, mental acuity and emotional balance. And the best part is that it does so naturally! (That means vivaciousness without extra body hair on you or your loved ones!) This supplement is a scientifically studied blend of four proven ingredients precisely formulated to restore your body’s natural balance, helping you feel cheerful, alert, resilient, vigorous and youthful.

This unique and exclusive botanical ingredient blend of Eurycoma longifolia, citrus peel extract, green tea extract, and pharmaceutical-grade L-Theanine helps to provide the much-needed balance our bodies need and the feelings of wellbeing we crave. What’s more, it does so without unnecessary caffeine, sugars and other stimulants already so common in our everyday lives.

Once you try it, you may be tempted to term it the “anti-meh” supplement. Here are just a few of the clinical trials that were performed on Eleviv:

Case Study 1

Overview: Healthy stressed individuals, 29 participants (8 men, 21 women). Followed 12 weeks.


  • Global Mood State (+22%)
  • Perceived Stress (-14%)
  • Tension (-27%)
  • Fatigue (-48%)
  • Confusion (-14%)
  • Vigor (+27%)
  • Depression* (-52%)
  • Anger (-41%)

Case Study 2

Overview: Healthy stressed individuals, 29 men, 16 women. Followed for 5 weeks.

Benefits: 82% improved vigor score in just 7 days

* Referring to the degree of a healthy mood state as assessed by the Profile of Mood States (POMS), not to depression as a clinical disease.”

Case Study 3

The category-creating results of Eleviv only improve when taken alongside the whole-fruit puree of XANGO ® Juice as indicated on the comparison of recent studies measuring C Reactive Protein (low levels of CRP are an indicator of cardiovascular health).

  • XANGO Juice—CRP levels decreased 36% compared to placebo in 8 weeks.*
  • XANGO Juice and Eleviv—CRP levels decreased 59% compared to XANGO Juice in 4 weeks.*

The conclusion:
XANGO Juice works even better and faster when Eleviv is introduced.

And here’s what a few people who’ve tried have had to say:

I have been taking Eleviv for 5 days now and feel like a normal person again! By the third day, there was no mistaking the difference. I was mentally awake and alert more quickly after arising than usual, and my mood was much brighter. I don’t mean to say I was high – not at all. But smoothed out and more mentally energized. Ready for the day. Not dragging my knuckles on the ground for the first couple of hours. By the fourth day, I was downright happy, smiling, and getting my personality back! I could think quicker, clearer, and not feel as sluggish mentally. I could feel a shift. It was like an old car that had been having a hard time idling, and finally cleared out the fuel lines and started running smoothly!

William Robbins
I noticed within hours that I had much more energy and it lasted all day, with no crash whatsoever. Even when I have less sleep than my usual, I have the ability to wake up with a clear mind, and the energy I need to start my day.

Alicia Burbidge
I have been using Eleviv for a couple of months now and WOW, what a difference! My head is clearer. I have lots more energy. My days are more focused and, physically, well let’s just say that my aching joints don’t ache any more. I went off of it for about a week and in just a couple of days I could tell a huge difference. This is a really great product.

The first thing I experienced was a total calmness (by the second day). I actually felt “relaxed” while entertaining and preparing dinner for guests by the end of the first week. I’m not tossing and turning trying to get to sleep – I’m now sleeping through the night and waking totally refreshed. I’m truly happy and laughing again!

Sheli Kellogg
Started using Eleviv a couple weeks ago. I’ve slept so much more restful than I have in years! I wake up with a happy heart and feel like my energy level is higher than it’s ever been! My husband is taking it too, and he’s getting the same results! We love it!

For the love of everything healthy—stop feeling “meh”!

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XANGO ® has designed Eleviv to work together with XANGO ® Juice and support your body to natural increase your energy levels. However this new XanGo product also improves your mental power and stabilises and improves your emotional coping abilities.    

Your body wants to be in balance again. It wants to feel youthful. Get your vigor back! Get Eleviv by XanGo!