XanGo News Anti Aging Product

XanGo New Release of Anti Aging Product

Mangosteen XanGo Anti Aging Product
Is Mangosteen Anti Aging?

XanGo has just started to leak news of a new product release.

The first hint was 5 weeks ago with this video tease by Joe Morton, the ideas man behind XanGo juice.





So when I saw that I racked my brain for ideas. What would be so big? Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

Then Aaron Garrity gave us an even bigger tease just 6 days ago and said the magic words Anti Aging.

XanGo will release an anti aging product and it is sure to be released for their September Distributor Convention in Salt Lake City this September.

Do you think the new product will be a pill, liquid or powder?

Will X926 contain mangosteen? Does mangosteen have magic stem cells better than apple stem cells?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

We will all have to live a little longer to get hold of this wonder product.

So don’t hold your breath, you want to be around for the release of X926! 😉