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 XanGo Juice Recommended by Dr Templeman on the Morning Show in Australia

Dr Templeman recommends the mangosteen juice from XanGo.

Xango mangosteen juice a novel food source.
Do You Consider Food to be Your Medicine?

Listen to the interview and you to will find out why this doctor believes in his recommendations.

Mangosteen is full of goodness from catechins to polysaccharides to proanthocyanadins but it also has an ingredient, xanthones which the body can do marvelous things with once people begin taking XanGo juice.

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Dr Templeman states “that research on xanthones in mangosteen can help maintain intestinal strength, help with your joints and may even be able to help with the immune system and of course balance free radicals and helps balance the damage they cause.”

For more information about what exactly XanGo juice is and why it is manufactured as a juice and not a pill or a powder you may find the YouTube video of value “Why Buy XanGo Juice”. Find out why the other fruit are added.

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