Juni® Personal Care Range

Juni Personal Care Range by XanGo
Natural Personal Care by XanGo

Xango LLC released Juni, a range of personal care products in Australia last week. Once again continuing Xango’s aim of leading the “Wellness” industry Juni is unique based as it is on the goodness of the whole mangosteen fruit.

Juni Philosophy

Juni products embrace simplicity, purity and safety. Juni is a gentle line of hair and body care that is safe and effective for all ages.  Use Juni with confidence for your whole family.

Pure Goodness Inside

Juni enriched with the exclusive mix of active mangosteen nutrients, enriching your skin, scalp and follicles with phytonutrient goodness. Pure botanicals and fresh lavender—the signature essential oil blend—Juni calms, cleanses, purifies and hydrates your hair and body. Use Juni Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Bar and give your family the very best in its simplest, purest form.

Clean Naturally

We have become complacent with sulphates, silicones and other toxins that are part of normal and boutique personal care products.  Have you forgotten?  Don’t let your hair glow with a silicon based sheen ….… let your hair shine with good health!  You want skin that is clean, fresh and free to breathe.  Ready to take responsibility for your wellbeing? Juni offers wholesome hair & body products that blend the most powerful phytonutrients of the mangosteen with other family-friendly botanicals for a pure and simple revitalization with the assistance of nature.

Juni a natural clean.

Every Parent’s Desire

Parents the world over desire is to keep their loved ones from harm.  Juni products are safe, gentle, effective and preferable for everyone.  There were no harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, sulphates or unwanted substances allowed in the formulation and production of Juni.

Juni is your first choice to a glowing hair and vibrant body.  Juni with continued use leads to healthier skin and hair.

Do you feel good about what your family uses every day?  You must be using Juni.