Independent Distributor Update | February 2013

XanGo and Zija Independent Distributors  For distributors in Canberra, New South Wales, Northern Territory , Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria Xango has folded all active reps are now Isagenix Independent Associates. Welcome to the first monthly update for Australian businesses. In this and coming monthly blog posts “Mangosteen Wonder” will attempt to be the place […]

19 Answers to Mangosteen Juice Questions

19 FAQs About XanGo Since 2007, when I was introduced to the benefits of mangosteen juice, I have read extensively the information on the Internet, information I have personally asked published authors to send me and of course company information, to arrive at these answers.  It is my hope that in putting these answers on […]

Juni Personal Care Update

Natural Personal Care Range By XanGo Gets New Life In late 2012 XANGO® released a completely revised formula of the Juni personal care range, the new formulation will enrich your hair and body making it look fantastic at the same time.  Juni is filled with an abundance of xanthones that transform, regenerate and provide vitality […]

5 Factors Effecting How Much Mangosteen Juice To Drink

Best way to drink mangosteen juice? The answer is tricky and I will try to make it simple and easy to digest. 🙂 Pun intended. From everything I have read since I started drinking the juice in 2007 there are 5 factors determining  a correct answer. Post updated August 29, 2021. Another point added making […]

Natural Skin Care With BioActive X3

What is BioActive X3? The term is used a lot in company product sheets about all of their natural skin care systems.   This post will attempt to explain how XanGo came develop the essential powerful element of Glimpse. That element is the 3 extracts from mangosteen called BioActive X3.   XanGo has invented a […]

Glimpse Mineral Treatment

How to maintain a healthy complexion under the Australian Sun? Glimpse Mineral Treatment is now available in Australia, allowing for flawless coverage and providing for your skin’s complexion with a unique nutritional blend. Mineral treatment by XanGo obtains its outstanding qualities for your skin through a blend of minerals that are toxin free and triple […]

Mangosteen Juice

Whole Mangosteen Puree A New Food Source In 1885 in The Illustrated London News Dr Garcin reported that “the mangosteen is the only fruit which sick people are allowed to eat unsparingly; it is given with safety in almost every disorder.” Why hasn’t it become better known? Why has it taken until the 21st Century for […]

Juni Personal Care Prices

Juni Personal Care Range by XanGo LLC Family friendly products that are pure, simple and safe for everyone you love. Juni can be used with confidence for children and adults. Juni enriched with exclusive mangosteen nutrients that  saturate your skin, scalp and follicles with phytonutrient goodness.   Press this Link to PURCHASE  Juni Personal Care […]

Glimpse Natural Skin Nutrition In-vitro Study by Xango LLC

BioActive X3 Complex™ | Laboratory Study It’s one thing for a Skin Care company to tell you their products work.  It’s an entirely different thing to have independent scientific studies confirming their efficacy. BioActive X3 Complex™ is the patent-pending, active ingredient in all Glimpse Nutrition Skin Care products.  In third party analysis and in-vitro studies, […]

Juni Personal Care | Natural Products For You

Natural Personal Care Products Hair Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Wash & Lotion, Vegan Body Bar & Hair Scalp Treatment Oil   Now you can purchase Juni personal care products for your very own! Now you can have healthy, happy hair and skin. You can replace the chemistry projects (slang for personal care products containing toxic […]